Research Positions in Soft Matter

The Polymer & Colloid Science, the Material Synthesis and the Computational Modelling groups of the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas, (FORTH, Heraklion, Greece), are offering 3-5 positions at different levels, (Master’s, PhD and Post-doctoral) in the framework of EU and national projects*.

Post-doctoral positions are offered for 1+1 year, PhD positions for 3+1 years and Master’s positions for 2 years. Furthermore, Masters and PhD fellowships will be offered in collaboration with Materials Science and Technology Department of the University of Crete, where successful candidates will be enrolled and follow the Graduate program. Specific requirements (including salary/fellowship levels) for each level can be provided to the interested candidates upon request.

The applicants should have a PhD for the post-doctoral position, a Master’s degree for PhD positions and a Bachelor’s degree for the Master’s position. Experience in related areas such as Soft Matter physics, physical chemistry and computer simulations is desirable. For post-doctoral positions expertise in (some of the following) polymer and colloid chemistry, scattering techniques, microscopy and rheology, as well as computer simulations of Soft Matter systems is desirable. A good theoretical background in soft matter science, knowledge of programming and simulations techniques will be also advantageous for all positions.

Interested candidates should contact:
Prof. George Petekidis (

Decision on the specific positions offered will be taken as soon as possible with aim to fill in the positions within 2023 or beginning of 2024.

* See