WP1: Project Management

The Project management aims in the efficient research and financial management and monitoring of FORGreenSoft so that the proposed capacity building as well as the technical and training targets of the project can be achieved. The project coordinator represents the network and communicates with EU officer while, together with the project committees, also handles IPR, potential risks and gender issues.

Description of work

Task 1.1: Legal, Financial and Administrative Coordination (FORTH) The Coordinator manage regularly all aspects of the project (legal, administrative, financial, etc.) in accordance with the Grant Agreement and in close collaboration with the Steering Committee and the Central administration of FORTH and the help of thematic committees.

Task 1.2: Set up committees and sign Grant Agreement with partners: A Steering Committee (SC), an International Advisory Board (IAB), a Training/Network Committee and an Outreach/Exploitation/Dissemination Committee has been established and a Grant Agreement has been put together and signed with all partners (D1.1).

Task 1.3: Transfer of expertise coordination (FORTH, EUG) The Coordinator is responsible for the supervision of the progress supported by the WP leaders, while EUG overviews the transfer of soft skills expertise. Specific Tasks: Notify due dates, remind for deadlines and provide templates. Collect contributions and prepare reports. In addition to the official progress reports, 6-month interim reports will be prepared (D1.2a, b, c, D1.5). Overlook the organization of project meetings and their implementation together with the corresponding committees.

Task 1.4a: EUG undertakes the establishment of an Industry-Academia Liaison office together with the coordinator. EUG in collaboration with the Coordinator will identify through patent searches and market analysis, potential industrial clients and partners and will prepare and communicate technology offers. It will further contact Venture Capital companies and prepare pitching presentations for the coordinator’s members. EUG also assists the Coordinator to identify and negotiate licensing fees when cases for the licensing of the outcomes of the project’s will arise. (see also WP5)

Task 1.4b: Oversee IPR protection (EUG). IPR protocols are handled by EUG together with the Coordinator. Initially EUG prepares an IPR management plan (D1.4) that will be followed by the scientific members of the coordinator to protect the intellectual rights of their work.

Task 1.5: Promote Gender Balance and Family Friendly Conditions (FORTH) Support/encourage female participation in the project. Research and dissemination activities take into account family responsibilities and constraints.

Task 1.6: Prepare a data management plan (FORTH): A DMP has been drafted identifying the potential data that will be produced during the project and how they will be managed according to the EU legislation and the best practices. The initial DMP will be adapted during the project.  (D1.3a, b, c).