WP3: Capacity building by training and mentoring

WP3 is dedicated to training activities, including research and scientific training, training in soft skills as well as the mentoring and the transfer of knowledge from the Advanced Partners necessary to achieve FORTH’s Capacity building.

Description of work

Internal training (limited within the consortium): Training in FORTH of graduate students and technical personnel. A common seminar series on Soft Matter with focus on Green applications for all FORTH Soft Matter groups.

Global training (open to participants outside the consortium): The training capacity of FORTH will be enhanced via the establishment of an International Soft Matter graduate program in collaboration with the University of Crete and other International Academic Institutions, and a range of other training activities described below and in Section 1.2.

The WP is divided in the following tasks, all running for the whole duration of the project:

Task 3.1a: Finalize details of a Transfer of knowledge training activity. The Host Institute in collaboration with the Advanced partners will prepare an updated detailed plan for training and transfer of knowledge activities. This will be discussed and finalized in the kick-off meeting. Then a detailed program of personnel exchange between the Host and the Advanced partners will be established, aiming in training on scientific, technical and soft skill topics (see Tables 1.3b and 3.5). (D3.1)

Task 3.1b: Put together a personalized training plan (for PhD and Master students, technician and administrators). Mentoring of FORTHs personnel. Mentoring of individuals of the Host Institute.  A self-assessment will indicate the needs and the interests of the scientific and administrative members of the coordinator and a personalized training plan will be prepared.  (D3.2)

Task 3.2: Organize three Summer Schools: Summer schools on focused topics in Green Soft Matter systems and applications will be organized once every year, typically one week in July. (see T3 in Section 1.2) (D3.3)

Task 3.3: Organize two Workshops. Two 2-day workshops will be organized at FORTH by EUG, with the active participation of the Advance partners. The workshops will focus on: 1) training on Industry-Academia partnership and 2) Soft skills i.e., IPR and European Patent (legal framework, FTO, Protection through patents, technology valuation), fund-raising expertise (pitching of technology, negotiations and licensing), entrepreneurship (spin off creation, business development), Proposal preparation (Horizon Europe and National), and Research Management and Processes Development (see T4, T5 in Section 1.2). Lectures will be given by internal members (EUG, UNIVIE, MPG-C, MPG-P) and external experts and professionals. (D3.4)

Task 3.4: Organization of an international conference. An International Conference on Green and Sustainable Soft Matter will be organized at the end of the program, presenting the results, and establishing further collaborations (Section 1.2). (D3.5)

Task 3.5: Plan and implement an International Graduate program in Soft Matter: A 2-year International Graduate program in “Soft Matter Science and Engineering” leading to the degree of Master’s of Science will be created in collaboration with the Department of Materials Science and Technology of the University of Crete and four other Academic Institutions: University of Napoli (Italy), Cyprus University (Cyprus), Ben Gurion University of the Negev, (Israel)and Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (India). (D3.6)