WP5: Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation

FORGREENSOFT will regularly communicate scientific results, investigate exploitation of the existing research results produced in FORTH and of any new common research outcome produced together with the Advanced partners during the current project.

Description of work

FORGreenSoft has identified three dissemination target groups: (i) the scientific community (ii) industries and companies, (iii) regional and national public stakeholders and (iv) the general public. The dissemination activities will aim to promote awareness on Green and Sustainable Soft Matter systems. The specific activities planned are outlined below:

Task 5.1: Setup and maintain a website, prepare a logo, brochure and slide templates (D5.1)

Task 5.2: Prepare content for conventional (TV, radio, print) and scientific internet-based media (D5.1)

Task 5.3: Present Green Soft Matter in Schools and outreach events such as Researchers Night (D5.2)

The above will create awareness in the general public about Green Soft Matter attracting young people to scientific careers, improving gender balance in science and engineering. FORTHs personnel, both permanent and newly hired will plan and participate in these activities supported by the Advanced partners.

Task 5.4: Common Scientific Publications in high-impact journals and conference presentations. Open access to peer-reviewed publications is guaranteed as per EU rules. (D5.3)

Task 5.5: Training events and conference organization (see also WP3), will be used to communicate the FORGreenSoft results.

Task 5.6: Exploitation of research outcome: Exploitation of the research results produced in FORTH will be pursued, with the help of expert offices of the Advanced institutes and EUG. The latter together with the Industry-Liaison office, created within this project will overlook the effort in close collaboration with FORTHs personnel. (D5.4a, b)

Task 5.7: Igniting an entrepreneurial spirit among FORTHs members: The project will motivate and support innovative initiatives of the coordinator’s scientific members. Training competitions (with a motivating and hands-on approach) and challenges will be designed to enhance the entrepreneurial skills of the younger researchers and students, while the emphasis will be on skills to take innovation to the market and to be able to form a realistic business plan. The knowhow of the advanced partners will be used for entrepreneurial activities.

Task 5.8: Prior art and market analysis and IPR protection: EUG will assist the partners to conduct Patent Searches and Freedom to Operate Analysis and to protect the projects outcomes with patents and other forms of IPR. Activities including investment analysis, technology valuation and market analysis will allow the formation of sound business plans and will establish the best protection and exploitation strategies for each project’s outcome with potential for commercialization

Task 5.9: Create and regularly update a detailed dissemination plan (D5.5a, b)

Task 5.9: EUG will put together a business plan and a market analysis for a spin-off company of FORTH providing services (advanced characterization and measurements of materials’ properties) and consultancy. (D5.6)