Euglottia Single Member PC

Specializes in the protection of intellectual property and the commercialization of technology innovations. Its reputation is ensured by its highly qualified IP financial and legal professionals, supported by a team of technically accomplished, experienced and reliable scientific collaborators.

Working on the interface between research, technology, economics and law, Euglottia forcefully prosecute, enforce and defend IP rights and vigorously defend a company’s intellectual assets in IP disputes in an ever increasingly dynamic global environment. Euglottia is run by a highly experienced EQE qualified European Patent Attorney, Dr. Konstantinos Vavekis, with services covering the areas of Intellectual Property (IP) protection and litigation, IP and technology valuation and technology licensing and commercialization. One of our strengths is the interdisciplinary cooperation with experts working in the fields of chemistry, biotechnology, pharma and ICT, while are clients are mainly universities, research centers and innovative companies with advanced technologies. EUG will have a key role in FORGREENSOFT in the exploitation of the project outcomes, starting from the technology valuation and IPR protection up to licencing and industrial exploitation. It will also participate in technology transfer and the training of FORTH’s scientists in entrepreneurship and innovation management.


Dr. Konstantinos Vavekis