Kick-off Meeting

12th December 2022

The Kick-off meeting of the EU Twinings Project FORGREENSOFT took place on December 12th 2022. Most FORTH participants connected online from the teleconference room of FORTH (Crete), while the partners from MPG and UNIVIE participated online from their local meeting rooms or offices. The coordinator, George Petekidis and Dr. Emmanouil Glynos (both from FORTH) participated from the MPG–Mainz node, where they stayed for the 1st visit within FORGREENSOFT for discussions and planning with local researchers.

The Kick-off meeting opened with a general presentation of the EU Project Officer Maria Korda, who provided all basic information and guidelines necessary for the successful implementation of the project. This was followed by the project overview including a brief description of the different work packages presented by coordinator George Petekidis (FORTH), and the presentations by several members from all partners, covering in detail the goals of the program such as advances in soft matter synthesis, advances in different experimental techniques and computer simulations and more. Furthermore, logistics and outlining the research aims were discussed and a first connections between the groups was established. In addition, during the Kick-off meeting, we finalized the formation of all FORGREENSOFT committees.

Finally, all presentations were uploaded at a common folder and are available to FORGREENSOFT participants.